Virus back in the day was one of the cleanest guys I ve seen. Even using krylon.  Hes always had a unique clean style with his pieces. These are just a few which some I had in my collection and others were just found on the web. Enjoy. Have to give respect where respect is due. Virus AA crew, FC, COD

Sight, Ba/kwota crew new website is pretty dope….

Sight has been huge for the Canadian graffiti scene. Super talented. I saw promoting his site {a Canadian graffiti website } so I wanted to repost it because its quality. I did a post about Sight a few months back and post some Sight pics I caught back in the mid 90s, but the site seems to be most of his newer works. Check it out if your in to Canadian graff.

God bless yo

Darcy Obokata… wanted to show some of these canvas my goofd friend Darcy Odokata has done. Orginaly from London Ontario now living in Toronto and doing more and more art. If you want to see more of Darcys art, graphic designs or graffiti please check him out at 

or if you have any questions please e mail him at

Banksy vs Robbo…street art vs graffiti…

If you are in to street art or graffiti you should watch this. It is really well done and talks about how even the authorities in the UK will get ride of graffiti but they will paint around street art. Shows a back and forth battle between Banksy and Robbo, a old school train writer. I know a lot of graffiti writers hate on Banksy. Even when Banksy was in Toronto some local writers tagged over his art. They weren’t brave enuff to put there graffiti names but they were pretty tuff by scribble over it.  Even as it shows in this hour long documentary may be Banksy isn’t as original as everybody thinks and also shows that even the guys who tag over banksy piece would love to be in his shoes. Doing art what they love and  making millions off it.

I really enjoyed watching it Thank Maida Red Rodriguez for sending me the link.