I have decided…

Hey everyone I have decided to try my best to make a commitment to blog at least 2-3 times a week. My main reason for doing this blog, is to try and show people quality ,cool and helpful things that I have learn from my travels and just stuff I’m involved with. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions Hopefully I can help.

God bless yo


Sonz 1 


Judging system for Bboy events? {Video}

Hey y’all This is my boy Dyzee , from Supernaturalz crew Toronto. Living now in Korea. He and a few others {Lee Pham, cartel group in Korea} Have been working on for a judging system for major break dancing events all over the world.  After being in the breaking scene in Toronto and been blessed to travel parts of the world with b boying I have seen how something like this is needed.  Dyzee brings up some amazing points in this video. Now that I am older and I break for fun but it is also a way to make income for my family  {my kids gotta eat} and I have friends who are in there 30s and this is all they do to make money for their  living teach workshops, do show and battle. I get so frustrated when the judge is in the other guys crew and the crew clearly gets smoked and they still loose. I ve seen judges pick high school kids and beat people who compete on a international level just because the high school kids are in their crew.  So there needs to be a standard and I believe in what Dyz is doing and in 10 years from now just watch how bboying will grow, God bless yo



MAKE KONY KNOWN, 2012. please check this.

Must watch this and we can really make a difference. This a serious topic. With millions of us on these social network sites we can make these war criminals known because it seems like with politics 90% of the time it comes down to the saying” The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” and If this is some way I can help by re posting this, donating a few bucks. This is a VERY VERY small price to pay to have children not have to be forced in to a army or be a sex slave at a young age and give them a life free from that. Please check this out. God bless yo and thanks for your time.

Sight, Ba/kwota crew new website is pretty dope….


Sight has been huge for the Canadian graffiti scene. Super talented. I saw http://www.visualorgasm.com promoting his site {a Canadian graffiti website } so I wanted to repost it because its quality. I did a post about Sight a few months back and post some Sight pics I caught back in the mid 90s, but the site seems to be most of his newer works. Check it out if your in to Canadian graff.

God bless yo

Darcy Obokata…

http://darcyobokata.com/I wanted to show some of these canvas my goofd friend Darcy Odokata has done. Orginaly from London Ontario now living in Toronto and doing more and more art. If you want to see more of Darcys art, graphic designs or graffiti please check him out at http://darcyobokata.com/ 

or if you have any questions please e mail him at d@darcyobokata.com