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8 responses to “About

  1. Yo, Jeff! What’s going on man? Glad to have met you guys at Pitch this year. Absolutely epic how you guys were just straight up and all. My buddy Hugo was going nuts when he heard i had a chance to meet you and Charity. He was actually wondering if i’d be able to talk you into going to his church sometime.( Mainly because he’s an aspiring B-Boy who’s been kinda teaching me as well :p )
    Anywho, this is getting long but, I think your pieces and your messages to people and how you try and get The Word out there is absolutely inspiring. Keep on spraying and praying man! Your Friend, Cody (Zero)

  2. Look at us! Our name is Jeff and Charity.. blah blah blah.. We do this, we do that… blah blah blah… hahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahha

  3. I was invited to see the show with your friend, Joshua Bass-Meldrum, and just wanted to say once again, I was thrilled to meet you Jeff, and Charity. The show was a blast! Remember, you are blessed and highly favoured of God! May our Lord increase you more and more and prosper your business and richly bless your marriage! I love my “purple shirt that says, Sonz of God”. You are truly a gifted artist! My husband just ordered another one for my niece who just headed off to her first year in College. She loved my shirt, so, she get’s one too! It will be a testimony to her friends in College as they read the “Word”. It must continue to go forth! God Bless you both.

    Kimberly Compton

  4. Hey Charity & Jeff,

    So the world just got a little bit smaller a few minutes ago. I got a random phone call from a guy last week telling me that I had to get Gospel Graffiti for our Big Exo event this September (www.thebigexoday.com)so I told him a bit of how we roll with people coming in and asked for either GG or himself to send through a proposal of what they plan to do do, the space they need, etc. and I thought I should research a bit myself…. and guess whose name I pulled up… haha

    Well if this works out (get the guys to send their proposal soon) please make sure you both are on that plane!!

    much love, Melanie Lise (Saunders in 3 weeks!!)

  5. sonz1, im looking to contact you about some graphic design work, do you have an email I can reach you at?
    looking forward to hearing from you,
    – Jay

  6. hey i was just wondering where you are from and if you would want to come do some painting for my church and how much it your cost?

  7. hey jeff and all you guys from Sonz, this is Jasmine i went to circle square ranch when jeff was a councellor there and so was Chris Staceys sister, was just wanting to touch base with you all please email me back

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