Judging system for Bboy events? {Video}

Hey y’all This is my boy Dyzee , from Supernaturalz crew Toronto. Living now in Korea. He and a few others {Lee Pham, cartel group in Korea} Have been working on for a judging system for major break dancing events all over the world.  After being in the breaking scene in Toronto and been blessed to travel parts of the world with b boying I have seen how something like this is needed.  Dyzee brings up some amazing points in this video. Now that I am older and I break for fun but it is also a way to make income for my family  {my kids gotta eat} and I have friends who are in there 30s and this is all they do to make money for their  living teach workshops, do show and battle. I get so frustrated when the judge is in the other guys crew and the crew clearly gets smoked and they still loose. I ve seen judges pick high school kids and beat people who compete on a international level just because the high school kids are in their crew.  So there needs to be a standard and I believe in what Dyz is doing and in 10 years from now just watch how bboying will grow, God bless yo




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