Best instructional breaking dvds and apps…Bboy Storm, Bboy Focus and Bboy Moy.


All 3 of these instuctional videos are really good. If you are a being to 1 year you should get the “Boy Moy back to basics” app. it has everything from top rocks , different foot work , freezes and a few power moves. The best part of this is its a app that only cost $3.99 so when every your at a place to practise and you have your i phone or i pad you can learn some new steps.

bboy Focus dvd has everything you need and he also has his drummer break dance music. how to count it and a few other things. It is really good quality.

bboy Storm dvd. is also really dope and has sooooooo many different steps and moves to add to your foot work. I should really be studying that dvd a lot more. It it not for a beginner. If you put time in to studing this dvd your foot work will be a 100 times better. Its not about taking these moves and steps storms teaches its about adding it in to what you all ready have and seeing if you can put your own flavour to it.

If you want to buy these just google them and Im sure you can find a place but dont burn them. These guys are famous B boys who have giving there life to this dance. They are trying to help you out and teach you how to dance and dance properly. So show these guys some respect and support them. Bboying is never going to grow if we can’t support.

God bless yo these are worth checking out


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