Rocksteady crew 1983 in Japan & Ken Swift, Legs and Wiggles Rapping…


My boy Serna {BL} posted the last video on his facebook and i had to re-post it.  Mr Wiggles and Ken swift rapping…So crazy! With the footage from 1983 is when they were travelling promoting the movie “Wild styles“. If you haven’t seen that “Beat street ” or “Style wars ” you have to go check’em out. You have to respect where breaking has come from. In the ’83 clips you don’t see no  air flares because they didn’t exist  at that time thats goes for a lot of moves. What is awesome about hip hop is that most of these Bboy and bgirls are still alive we can learn of them and appreciate them for helping Bboying get to where it is today.  To show you where it is today Ill post a few battle from Redbull BC ONE  Russia. which os going on this weekend and it has some of the best Bboys in the world competing. That will be next week. Until then God bless yo


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