Thesis Vs Mounir [R16 Korea 2011]

Lil Amok (Germany) Vs Lil G (Venezuela) [R16 Korea 2011


Taisuke Vs Lil-G [R16 Korea 2011]

Pocket (Korea) Vs C-Lil (Laos) [R16 Korea 2011]

Here is just some of the solo battles from R16 2011. I was out at this event a few years back and it was crazy. This event is really big for  two of my good friends and guys from my crew Lethal and Dyzee because they are useing a judging system which they have created. Which is really needed because there has been too many times people get robbed because the judge is there boy or there in the same crew. I ve seen this happen numerious  times in Toronto. So Im hopeing this goes well for them it is a really good system. Ill see about posting some of the crew battles as well.

God bless and enjoy


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