Skam,HSA,YNN,BTX ’94 – 2001

When I was in my late teens and early 20’s I would go everywhere to get graffiti flicks.  Ether driving threw CN yards in my parents car with Globe and Mazer or walking miles along train tracks hopeing to roll up on some piece’s. So i dug threw some of my photo albums and got some pictures off my boy Deal, TFT crew  and started scanning. I would say 95% of the painting are gone forever. Most these piece’s were before montana, Belton and Iron lak. Most of these paintings were probably done in krylon, painters touch, walmart paint, color-vision or Rustolium if you got it from the states.  If you need paint now a days you can check out and go to  .  If you want to check out some of Skams newer paintings check

Hopefully you enjoy the flicks.

Skam has had a HUGE affect on the Toronto graffiti seen

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