I fell off…

Dang, I know i hate going to a blog of some one that i follow  and they never update  and that was fully me for the month of Feb. So i ve realized it  So i have lined up some things like whole bunch of flicks from one of Canada’s most known graffiti writers a guy who I looked up to and back in 96-97 would walk miles to see one of his pieces. Also some cool graphics from a really talented designer from Nova Scotia. I ve even got a link off of my buy Relic to download his whole album FREE for the month of March he has Shad k, Saukratees {sp that wrong i think } It is a really good album.it is of those you can put in and actually listen to the whole thing straight through, that’s almost like a endangered species in hip hop now a days.  I also found a while bunch of old sonz  1 pieces from 95 -97 which are kind of embarrassing but I’ll see about throwing those up soon.

Sorry for the delay everyone hope you guy’s are all doing really good.

God bless

sonz 1

ephesian 5:16


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