Bottled media films “up close T.V.”…Genesis 1:27

Here is a piece I did for a company called Bottled media.  They did a interview with me and got me to do a graffiti piece while they filmed it from start to finish. They didn t acctually film it, they took 2 500 pictures. Every 5 seconds the y took a pic. if you wold like to see all those pictures in  a 1:27 seconds you can download this link and it will show me ppainting this piece from start to finish. {The producer Dave and Jesse and Dave s wife Mandy all helped me fill a little as you’ll see}

I also threw in a pic of my beautiful wife and our good friend Brony. There will be another edit of this shoot with the interview and some breakdanceing coming later on this was just a quick edit they put together.

God bless yo


3 responses to “Bottled media films “up close T.V.”…Genesis 1:27

  1. Ya you know, your graffiti is allright. I mean its just ok, you have to work on it a bit but dont worry.. keep practiceing sonz because someday you will be as good as me at my level. NOTTTT, just kiding, that wall is sick! it was fun when u came. Ok good-night I am going to bed now. u n CherryD r the best!!!

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