Hey whats up everybody, Im currently chillin with my beautiful wife in downtown Oslo. I  ve been in Norway for about 2 weeks now  and its been really dope. I was teaching graffiti workshops at a festival which went really good. Got to do a lot of painting my self and chill with a whole bunch of really dope b boys from the Blackouts crew. Back in the Capital Oslo it has been fun just breaking almost everyday with Dark Marc, Naveed, Stien – Roc ,Slee-p, Marvin and of course Cherry-dee. A local church has givin a big room for B boys from all over Oslo to come and practice and train. The room gets used everyday, and it is such a good Vibe. All the b boy s call it “Karka ” Which means the church in Norwiegin . I got to do a graffiti piece in teh room right beside where MR. Wiggles original rock steady did a piece, its dope. God bless yo



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